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Escape Room Items
CryptIQ Escape Games, KZN Midlands Meander


Bookings Essential.

Right of Admission Reserved.

Discover clues, solve puzzles and tackle tasks to escape a themed room before time runs out!

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What is an escape game?
Inside Maze

Current Records

Mutiny! - Group.jpg
Book of Life Record ancient Egypt theme escape room
Book of Life
Art Heist Record heist theme escape room
Art Heist
Mutiny! pirate theme escape game
Art Heist Poster.jpg
Book of Life ancient Egypt theme escape game
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Mutiny! Pop-up Escape Game

2-8 players, available for a limited time only

Bluebeard's buccaneers have marooned yer crew. While they're busy raiding the wreckage, rally yer shipmates to fight back and steal his ship!

Art Heist - Reopening 4 May

2-6 players, available until 13 August 2024

It's an opportunity you can't refuse. An eccentric art dealer is threatening to reveal the identity of controversial street artist Banksy. He's hired you to break into her private abode and destroy the evidence, with a sizeable payoff in store. But can you scurry your way in and out undetected?

The Book of Life

2-8 players, available until 1 April 2025

Pharaoh's head turned from your pleas as your brother was executed for the crime you committed. If you ever want to see your sibling again, you must cheat his way into the afterlife. You've bribed the embalmers to swap the body with that of a wealthy noble, but now you have to finish the ritual before the tomb is sealed forever, with you inside.

Current Escape Games

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