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These escape artists go on our Wall of Fame permanently

for achieving the ultimate record per theme.

Shipwrecked Top Record winners

No one knows how long 'tis been since the Captain ran the ship onto the rocks in the Devil's Isle. Only he amongst men believes the cursed treasure of Davy Jones exists, and now the man is missing; slipped away into the mist! 'Tis a strange place; fog so thick ye barely see the moon or sun. Ye must find a means to get shipshape and find yer Captain, lest all ye mateys be stranded till ye starve... 

Child's Play Top Record winners

Last day of school and they’ve given you detention for "messy uniform," but that’s an excuse to lock you in here. The cops are on their way to bust open your locker, and if they find what’s in there you’re dead! Your mates are causing havoc outside, so now’s your chance to make a run for it. No walls can hold a rebel without a cause!

Apocalypse Z Record.jpg

A top secret experiment has gone horribly wrong. A viral outbreak has taken over the city, pushing the need to feed into hyperdrive. Your motley crew of survivors managed to bunker down, but food is getting scarce. Now some idiot seeking refuge has led the whole horde right to your bunker. Will anyone make it out alive?

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